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Cat No. :1848                            MODEL » STB-I


Stereoscopic Microscope

 This microscope consist of the following features:
           - Straight Binocular Head for viewing( height adjustable on
              a metal chrome plated piller.) Adjustable
              interpupillary distance from 55 to75mm,
           - One side Eye piece tube is fixed and other side with
              adjustable occular.
           - Coarse focussing by rack and pinion .
           - Having plane base equipped with a black & white disc.
           - Duly packed in wooden cabinet.

With following optical combinations:

Objective: 2x or 4x
Eye piece : 10x or 15x Wide field (One pair)
   A) Viewing tube: Monocular head 45degree inclined
   B) Viewing tube: Binocular head 45degree inclined.

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