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Cat No. : 1874
Cat No. : 1874


Toolmakers Microscope

          - Monocular, Inclined at 30-degrees.
          - Coupled with graduated Eyepiece Protractor.
          - Large and heavy base provides extra overall rigidity to the instrument.
          - Work stage size 150mm X 150mm. Assembled on
            ball bearingZ guidesways to provide accurate  and smooth stage
            movement upto 50mm in each direction.
          - Field of View 6mm - 8mm.
          - Built in Illumination. Incident and Transmited.
          - Achromatic Objective of 2x.
          - Wye Piece: WF 15 x
          - Different optional accessories are available.

  a) Rotary Table 360Degree Graduated.
  b) Goniometer Eye piece 10x with scale.
  c) Micrometer for angles measurement.
  d) Micrometer for threads measurement.

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