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Cat No. : 1858
Cat No. : 1858


Projection Microscope

A group of students, can observe the specimens in one time through a 150mm Diameter Projection screen / doom, which is fixed on a microscope head with the following specifications:

Simple type Microscope body fixed on a base,
           - having coarse and fine focusing system,
           - Triple revolving nose pice,
           - Fixed square stage size 120 x 120 with
             mechanical stage for X & Y movement of slide.
           - With attachable lamp having 220V-15W tungston lamp mains operated.
           - duly packed in wooden cabinet with the following optical combination:

Objective: 4x, 10x & 40x
Eye Piece: H10x & H15X

Optional Accessories:

a) Microscope with attchable illumination system.
b) Microscope with Built in Illumination system.

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