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Ammeter/Voltmeter: AC/DC
Simple Voltaic Cell
Lechlanche cell in Plastic Vessel
Meters Demonstration Type
Daniel Cell
Newton Key / Reversing Key
Demonstration Electric Bell
Ohm's Law Apparatus
Telephone Set, Lecture Pattern
Battery Eliminators
Telegraph Set, Vertical Type
Gold Leaf Electroscope
Westminster Electromagnetic Kit
Solar Cell unit/Solar Motor with Fan
Power Supply
Van De Graff Generator
Demonstration Transformer
Wheatstone Bridge
Demonstration Dynamo Model
Induction Coil, Ruhmkorff
Rheostat, Single Tube
Resistance Box, Plug Pattern
Rheostat, Protected
Post Office Box
Resistance Coil
Resistance Unit
Bar Magnet, Alnico
Magnetising & Demagnetising Coil
Bar Magnet, Ceramic
Magnet, Horse Shoe
Magnet, U-shaped, Alnico
Magnetic Needle
Magnet Cylindrical, Alnico
Needle Stand
Floating Ring Magnet
Pocket Compass
Barlow Wheel
Mariner's Compass
Magnetic Field Apparatus
Wind Vane
Oersted Apparatus
Dip Circle
Magnetic Needle on Stand
Deflection Magnetometer
Iron Filing Sprinkler
Induction Coil
Tangent Galvanometer
Plotting Compass
Induced Current Apparatus    
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