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Mirror, Plane
Prism Glass
Lenses, Set of Six
Spectrometer Prism
Lens, Double,Convex, Spherical
Prism, Glass, Hollow
Lens, Double, Concave, Spherical
Optic Disc
Lens Holder
Newton Color Disc
Spherometer Block Acrylic, Semi- Circular
Spare Lamp for Optic Disc
Prism: Equilateral/Right Angled
Ray Box
Glass Slab
Light Box & Optical Set
Glass and Acrylic Blocks
Travelling Microscopes
Optical Bench, Wooden
Astronomical &Terrestrial Telescope
Optical Bench, Double Rod
Reading Telescope
Physical Optics Kit
Overhead Projector
Spectrometer, Intermediate
Slide Projector
Magnifier, Folding
Pin Hole Camera
Magnifier, Reading Glass
Bell in Bell Jar
Wave Machine, Powell
Conductor Set
Ripple Tank
Bimetal Strip
Tuning Fork, Set of 8
Thermometer-Mercury/Red alcohol
Melde's Apparatus
Slinky Spring
Whirling Table
Steam Boiler
Seebeck's Siren
Linear Expansion Apparatus
Organ Pipe
Resonance Apparatus
Savart's Wheel    
Siren with Indicator              
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