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Cat No.: 1820 A                            MODEL » MONO MINI


Inclined Monocular

Viewing tube: Monocular head 45degree inclined

The miwcroscope fulfils the complete features for general laboratory us in two models: Monocular & Binocular with the following features:
           - Head Rotatable at 360 degree.
           - Quadruple nose piece with positive click stops.
           - Coarse & Fine focusing Graduated to 1Div=.002mm.
           - with mechanical stage for X&Y movement of slide.
           - Movable abbe Condensor N.A.1.25 with iris
             diaphragm with swingout filter holder.
           - Built in Illumination 6V-20W halogen lamp.with intensity control.
           - complete with day light reflector and dust cover.
           - Duly packed in styrofom packing.

     4x, 10x, 40x s/l & 100x s/l Oil.
     Eye Pieces: W.F.10x.

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