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Human Torso without Head
Hand Microtome
Human Torso with Interchangeable Sex Organs
Rotary Microscope
Human Torso with Head, Half Size
Precision Rotary Microtome
Human Head and Brain
Microscope Slides
Human Head and Neck L.S.
Micro Cavity Slides
Human Brain 4 Parts
Micro Cover Glass
Human Brain, 2 Parts
Slide Box
Human Nose, L.S.
Slide Box
Human Eye,5 times
Eye Model on Bony Base
Human Eye,3 times enlarged
Human Ear, Enlarged, 2 parts
Human Eye with Lid
Human Ear, Enlarged, 3 parts
Human Eye with Bony Orbit
Human Ear, Enlarged, 6 parts
Human Heart with Lungs & Larynx
Human Tooth, Molar
Human Heart, Extra Large
Human Tooth, Upper Triple Root
Human Heart
Upper and Lower Jaw
Human Kidney
Lower Jaw with teeth
Human Youth Heart
Human Teeth with Tongue
Human Stomach
Larynx,2 parts
Human Liver with Gall Bladder
Larynx,3 parts
Human Skin
Larynx with Tongue
Human Circulatory System
Human Lung, Right
Human Digestive System
Human Heart and Lungs
Human Disgestive System
Intestinal Vills
Human Spinal Cord
Human Respiratory System
Human Nervous System
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